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Coinaute Agency is the Web3 Transformation Studio that allows you to benefit from the possibilities of blockchain. From acculturation to strategic thinking to operational activation, we help you build your future in Web3.

Our mission

Helping Web3 projects go global

Our mission is to humanise technology, in order to democratise the blockchain's full potential. Our collaboration is based on co-creation. We exchange with your teams to build together your path to success.

Why choose us


We are always looking for more performance. Our motivation? Break through barriers and surpass ourselves in order to achieve the greatest results possible.


Our mantra is to be the best version of ourselves, always learning and developing our expertise to grow with each other.


We're driven by a shared passion for evolution and transition to Web3. It's what inspires us to keep learning more.


Opinions, advice and good tips. We know that it's by exchanging and helping each other that we'll go further.

Our services

Our support services

Marketing audit

To understand and improve your marketing performance to achieve all your goals

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Influence strategy

A proven marketing lever. It makes it easier to reach new markets.

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Improve your site's visibility and ranking in search engines to increase qualified traffic

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Press relations

Essential to ensure good media coverage working on your press relations is essential to establish the credibility of your project

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Improve the user experience of your website, Dapp, Application so that he feels good there, wants to navigate and facilitates the journey.

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On search engines, social networks or directly on sites, advertising marketing allows you to promote your activities to a targeted audience.

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