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Our Web3 agency specializes in the implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology for companies. Improve your user experience with Web3 UX. We help you design modern and SEO-optimized websites.

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What is
UX ?
UX design is a methodology that aims to put the user at the center of the process of creating a digital product, in order to guarantee a pleasant experience that meets their needs.
Our SXO expertise :
SXO is a practice that combines SEO and UX. The goal of this method is to design the UX while reflecting on the constraints of SEO optimizations. This improves online visibility and attracts qualified traffic through better search engine rankings, while providing an optimal user experience.
A good mastery of UX results in:
Better purchase conversion
Increasing customer loyalty
A competitive differentiation
Reputation enhancement
Why put UX at the center of your project
UX design is all the more important in Web3 because it helps simplify the complexity of blockchain and decentralized technologies, providing an accessible and intuitive user experience. In addition, it builds user confidence by giving them control over their data and transactions, and by facilitating the adoption of new Web3 interactions and paradigms.
68 %
Internet users leave a site because of a bad user experience
61 %
Consumers choose not to buy on a website if they find that it lacks reassurance elements.
This figure rises for products related to the blockchain, which are associated by a good number of Internet users with scams.
Our methodolgy
We have built our own working methodology, inspired by the Double Diamond method, which we have adjusted based on experiences with our clients.
In this step, we strive to understand the needs and goals of our users, as well as the specific requirements of our project. Via interviews with our users, competitive analyzes and a careful assessment of the existing system.
Here, we focus on clearly defining our project objectives and exploring the various possible solutions. This involves creating personas, as well as identifying usage scenarios and defining the core functionality of our product.
In this stage, we focus on creating creative ideas and concepts. We explore different options by making sketches, wireframes (simplified models) and prototypes. Our goal is to explore different solutions to create an optimal and satisfying user experience.
Finally, we give form via models and prototypes to the solutions defined during the previous stages. We work closely with developers to ensure successful implementation of our design. Our goal is to create a compelling and functional user experience, while ensuring that our vision is faithfully realized in the final product.
Our Case Studies
Modeling and protyping of an anti-cyberbullying application
See Case Study
Our expertise :
Thanks to our perfect understanding of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and decentralized applications, we are able to support you in your transition to this new digital era. Whether it is for the creation of innovative Web3 sites, the implementation of specific marketing strategies or the optimization of visibility on decentralized platforms, we are the trusted partners to fully exploit the opportunities of Web3 and obtain exceptional results.
Our clients trust us :
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